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Combustion and Burner Technology

Combustion of fuels like natural gas, wood, gasoline and coal is the main source of heat and power worldwide, both in industry and in our private lives.

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Combustion is also the main source of pollutant emissions to the atmosphere, such as NOx, SOx, CO, CO2, soot and particulates.

SINTEF performs fundamental research with advanced experimental and numerical tools as well as developing burners that meet stringent emission limits in various applications from domestic appliances to industrial furnaces and gas turbines, including combustion processes adapted to Carbon Capture (CCS). We work with users, manufacturers and authorities to improve combustion technology and develop new concepts. Our work is motivated by the need for more sustainable and efficient use of fuel resources with emissions as low as possible.

We work within these areas:

  • Low emission burners (NOx, CO, soot, particles), including for hydrogen and ammonia
  • Oxy-fuel combustion
  • Carbon Capture (CCS)
  • Boilers and furnaces in industrial processes such as metallurgical, petrochemical, etc.
  • Stationary gas turbine combustion
  • Wood stoves
  • Pilot scale testing
  • Development of combustion models for advanced numerical simulations (CFD)

Typical projects for us are:

  • Design of combustion units for new or retrofit systems
  • Characterize fuels and their effect on burner operation, performance, and emissions
  • On-site measurements, analysis and optimization of combustion processes
  • Third party assessment of combustion processes and technologies

The methods we use are:

  • Experimental facilities at various scales from laboratory to pilot scale (up to 100's kW and 10 bar pressure) with air preheat and multi-species fuel mixtures (part of ECCSEL RI)
  • Advanced measurement capability: extensive transportable gas analyser park (FTIR, GC), high speed flame visualization, laser diagnostics for in-flame measurements (soot, velocity, …)
  • Numerical simulation of combustion and fluid flow processes such as reaction kinetic tools, commercial and open-source CFD, and DNS.

Why choose SINTEF?
We are a Norwegian leading combustion group. We combine fundamental combustion and process knowledge with practical industrial experience in order to develop new concepts and prototypes. Our network includes: international academic collaboration with world leading combustion institutes; a tight collaboration with NTNU; we are member of the International Flame Research Foundation (IFRF); we are appointed as the Norwegian delegate of the IEA TCP on Clean Combustion.

Relevant projects:

  • HIPROX (high pressure combustion facility)
  • BIGH2 (Hydrogen and ammonia gas turbine)
  • OXYFUN (fundamental oxy-gas turbine)
  • OXYGT (oxy-fuel gas turbine combustion)
  • CEMCAP (oxy-fuel cement burner development)
  • Low Emission Centre (Hydrogen gas turbine)
  • MOCCA (oxy-coal flameless combustion)