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Applied superconductivity

SINTEF assesses, designs, and builds electrotechnical components based on superconductors.

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In addition, both conductor and insulation materials are characterized at cryogenic temperatures.

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Cooled down to temperatures of 77 K (-196°C) or lower, superconductors carry electric currents that are more than 100 times higher than the current carried by copper conductors. Furthermore, under DC conditions these currents are transferred without energy loss. The unique properties of superconductors can result in electrotechnical solutions which are fundamentally different to conventional technology. Our research is focused on how superconductors can be utilized to reduce energy losses and costs, or improve functionality of electrotechnical components.


 Figure: Winding of superconducting coil. Photo:


  • Technical and economical assessments of superconductor based applications.
  • Development of new concepts based on superconductors.
  • Design of superconductor components.
  • Building and testing of superconductor components at the laboratory scale.
  • Measurement of macroscopic properties of superconductors (critical current, ac loss, thermal behaviour, etc.).
  • Measurement of electric and thermal properties of insulation materials at cryogenic temperatures.


  • SINTEF has developed a superconductor based induction furnace for aluminium billets, later commercialized under the name 'Magnetic Billet Heater'.
  • Some of the world's largest MgB2 coils have been built at SINTEF.
Electrotechnical laboratories

Electrotechnical laboratories

SINTEF Energy Research operates laboratories for high voltage, high power and climatic testing. Customers are manufacturers, suppliers and users of electric power equipment.