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3D Modeling – exact Representation Technology in Aviation

Our 3D technologies enhance the experience of air traffic controllers by integrating 3D geometry with 2D video streams.

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The research of the Geometry Group is focused on algorithms and workflows for creating shape descriptions for efficient design, simulation, analysis and visualization. The work includes applied algebraic geometry, approximation theory, spline technology, big data technology and Cloud computing.

SINTEF has extensive experience from many projects both within and outside of SESAR that relate to the proposed activities in remote tower. These include SESAR projects, where SINTEF developed two prototypes for 3D enhanced remote tower solutions and gained valuable stakeholder feedback through presenting at validation workshops. The work was developed alongside EU FP7 project IQmulus (FP7-ICT-2011-318787), also led by SINTEF, where they have gained leading international experience in generating functional 3D model.

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