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Transport planning in cities

To create sustainable communities and cities, we need new solutions for transporting both goods and people. SINTEF collaborates with public and private actors to find the best measures.

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To stop global climate change and limit local air pollution, we must change our travel habits. It is possible, but it requires good area and transport planning.

We must make it easier for pedestrians, cyclists, and public transport without reducing each individual's mobility and quality of life. In short, we must make the first step to travel area- and climate-efficiently as easy as possible.

Transportation in cities is changing

Transport patterns in our cities are changing due to densification, more online shopping, and new mobility solutions. Online shopping has changed several habits with commercial logistics players, not ourselves, transporting goods to our homes. Electric scooters make short trips in the city more effortless. Various sharing solutions, such as city bikes and car collectives, give residents more options when choosing a means of transport.

SINTEF collects and interprets transport data such as travel habits surveys, video analyzes, and user data from various services. We also put the data into an interdisciplinary context to understand how multiple mechanisms such as changes in access to parking, home delivery and the physical design of the environment affect our behavior.

The results can be made available both as reports and interactive tools.