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Integrated Water Management

Safe and secure drinking water supply, wastewater management and surface water management are crucial for a well-functioning society in a changing climate. We assess solutions based on technical and economic criteria, as well as environmental and societal criteria.

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Integrated water management combines knowledge of precipitation fields, water resources and recipients, water infrastructure and treatment processes, economics, and society to develop sustainable water supply, surface water management, and wastewater management and assess these with UN sustainability goals.

The effects of management measures through the water cycle and the need to deal with different, often conflicting, interests/considerations, whether it concerns the use of water resources for different purposes or the impact on nature assessed against benefits for society, require an overall assessment to make the right choices.

We work within the following fields:

  • Integrated sustainability assessment
  • Environmental impact, life cycle analysis (LCA), and cost of living analysis (LCC)
  • Risk assessment Process and system solutions throughout the water cycle
  • Ecosystem services
  • Hydrological, administrative, social, and economic assessments
  • Water safety