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Geo resources

Geo resources

SINTEF contributes to sustainable and effective production and utilization of rock materials for building and construction purposes.

We perform research and research-based consultancy for effective and correct utilization of primary geo resources and surplus materials from the mining-, building- and infrastructure sector. SINTEF has assisted the Norwegian mining industry for over 35 years with research based collaboration and specialist advice within mining and rock mechanics, including numerical analyses and modelling related to open pit and underground excavation of metals, industrial minerals, aggregates and natural stones. 

We lead and participate in projects dealing with:

  • dimensioning and stability monitoring of open pits, mines and other underground constructions, see Tunnel and underground technology.
  • production and utilization of natural stone and aggregates 
  • utilization of surplus materials from the rock and mineral industry, from various industry processes and from construction and infrastructure projects for application within the building and construction sector.

We combine geology and mineralogy expertise with geotechnics, engineering geology, rock engineering, mining and construction. 

SINTEF has a Natural Stone Lab, and we assist material manufacturers and suppliers, builders, municipalities, contractors and consultants with specialized expertise in:

  • Product documentation and testing, including method development as well as testing and documentation for CE certification and for specific development projects
  • Specialist advice and independent control aimed at new development projects utilizing geo-resources
  • Research aimed at new solutions, material combinations and durability and longevity for projects with geo-resources
  • Use of new and alternative materials, including utilization of surplus stock
  • Sustainability, energy efficiency and the environment, including environmental declarations (EPD) and life cycle assesments (LCA)
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