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Fire safety

We offer research-based consultancy, calculations, analysis and assessments to ensure that fire safety solutions in buildings comply with regulations and standards. We also do research on fire properties in building products and solutions, and fire safety measures in buildings.

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Consultancy and calculations

  • We perform fire resistance calculations of walls, floors and ceiling structures according to the calculation methods in Eurocode 5 (EN 1995-1-2) and the manual Brandsäkra trähus. The calculations can be used as documentation or as pre-assessments for fire resistance tests.
  • Third-party independent assessment of fire engineering design in building projects. This may be relevant if disagreements or ambiguities have arisen, and assistance is needed from an independent party.
  • Fire engineering assessments of materials and solutions in accordance with building regulations and standards.
  • Research-based consultancy regarding the development of new building materials, building systems and fire engineering solutions.

Product documentation

We carry out fire engineering evaluations for SINTEF Technical Approval, European Technical Assessment (ETA) and product certificates. For instance, we evaluate fire-rated doors and windows, building systems and all types of building materials where the approved product has significance for fire safety. Read more at

SINTEF does not have its own fire laboratory, but we have a good collaboration with RISE Fire Research AS, which has a well-equipped laboratory in Trondheim.


SINTEF participates in the FRIC research centre, which aims to increase knowledge about fire and to develop solutions in order to provide better fire safety in buildings. FRIC aims to strengthen collaboration, long-term human resource development, and dissemination of knowledge within the area of fire. The research is organized into four work packages:

  1. Knowledge-based decision support in the area of fire safety
  2. Fire dynamics and modelling
  3. Building engineering solutions and project planning
  4. Fire protection measures and new technology

Multidisciplinary cooperation is a prerequisite for the development of good solutions. FRIC is led by RISE Fire Research in Trondheim, with NTNU and SINTEF as research partners. The research centre also has partners from the public sector, fire departments, property management, consulting engineers and manufacturers of building products and building installations.

We are involved in the development of standards at both national and European levels, including the revision of EN 1995-1-2 Eurocode 5: Design of wooden structures, Part 1-2: Fire engineering design. We also participated in the COST FP 1404 Fire Safe Use of Bio-Based Building Products network.

Dissemination of knowledge

We renew and revise the SINTEF Building Research Design Guides on fire safety.