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Digitalisation in transport

Automated transport systems will solve societal challenges related to green mobility and traffic safety. SINTEF conducts basic and applied research on environmentally friendly mobility, intelligent transport systems (ITS), user needs and acceptance, security and HMI (Human Machine Interface), and management and business models.

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To a much greater extent than before, technological advances allow us to obtain detailed information on how transport can be better utilized. E.g. data on transport patterns, user behavior, charging profiles, and much more can help facilitate a more streamlined transport sector where the relationship between private and public transport is optimized.

We work within the following fields:

  • 3D vision and flash LIDAR
  • SHM (Structural Health Monitoring) of aircraft
  • Sensors for drones S
  • HM of railway tracks
  • CBM of trains
  • New Mem sensors for SHM
  • New electronics and instrumentation for SHM sensors
  • Software-hardware in-the-loop
  • Human-Machine-Organization perspective
  • Implementation of new technology

Typical projects include:

  • Optimize packaging, instrumentation, communication for "Off the shelf" sensors
  • Create new sensors where standard devices do not suffice
  • Customized instrumentation when needed.
  • Build pilots for condition monitoring of structures and mobile devices
  • "Edge Computing" for local analysis of data
  • Cloud-based sensor data and GUI for data presentation
  • Local twins that connect sensor simulations with measured values
  • Build and install measurement layouts in a lab and the field
  • Analyse sensor data to ensure quality and correct application of the measurements
  • Model, design, and optimize hybrid fuel cell systems for use in various vehicles and vessels