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Building Engineering

Building engineering comprises most technical aspects of building. This might be assembling work, air- and rain tightness solutions, choice of materials, etc. The subject is widely applied, and is close on the industry.

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Our core expertise is solving problems with an overall perspective, where both theoretical and practical aspects are included.

We work within the following field:

  • Laboratory measurement of mechanical properties
  • Condition and damage analysis – buildings
  • Technical construction advice - buildings
  • Field surveys and measurements - buildings

Typical projects include:

  • Building damage assessment
  • Technical construction advice
  • Follow-up of work performed on new buildings and rehabilitation
  • Sensory monitoring

The methods we use are:

  • Experience-based evaluation
  • Document review
  • Calculations/Analyzes/Simulation
  • Field measurements
  • Laboratory testing

Who are our clients?

  • Builders/developers
  • Contractors
  • Housing associations

Why choose SINTEF?
SINTEF has long and broad experience in pre-documented technological solutions for the building industry. We use our laboratories to verify products and solutions and have specialist expertise in all construction engineering subjects.