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Ocean Space Environmental Risk and Impact Assessment

Ocean Space Environmental Risk and Impact Assessment

Welcome to OSRIA – Ocean Space Environmental Risk and Impact Assessment seminar in Trondheim.

Britannia Hotell
Dronningens gate 5, 7011 Trondheim
16/09/2021 08:00 Add to calendar
16/09/2021 17:00
Registration deadline
01/09/2020 00:00

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Background and ambition

UN has named the decade 2021 – 2030 'The decade of the Oceans'', and the UN Sustainability Goal 14: Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources, states: 

Marine protected areas need to be effectively managed and well-resourced and regulations need to be put in place to reduce overfishing, marine pollution and ocean acidification.

Environmental risk and impact assessment applications have over the past decades proven to be powerful tools in environmental management for industrial and other use of the Ocean space. SINTEF has actively participated in the development of these applications, especially with our numerical models DREAM and OSCAR.  Simulations for environmental risk assessment and management of regular, as well as contingency planning for accidental discharges are used systematically by the Petroleum industry. DREAM (Dynamic Risk and Effects Assessment Model) has found global applications for environmental risk assessment of discharges of produced water and drilling waste to sea and is accepted as a management tool by the OSPAR countries. The model is a part of the standard requirement for environmental management and reporting in of offshore petroleum operations on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Lately, risk assessment with models like DREAM has found new applications in other ocean-based industries, like the mining or aquaculture sector. In a situation where the ocean is subject to multiple anthropogenic stressors, due to geographically overlapping industrial activities, we see the potential and need for developing existing risk assessment tools further. To meet the challenge of sustainable development of the ocean space, future risk and impact assessment must account for global environmental stressors in addition to local and regional ones, seasonal variations that influence the impact of human activities to the ocean space, and the combined effect of all these.

The purpose and ambition with the seminar is to build a platform for such development. We will address three of the most important industrial sectors in the Norwegian ocean space: petroleum, aquaculture and mining. Our ambition is to establish a common understanding for future environmental risk based management by sharing experience and knowledge within risk and impact assessment from the different sectors.

Registration and accomodation

Price: NOK 850 ex. VAT

Please register before 1st September 2020.
Discounted hotel prices are available before 1st September 2020. Please contact Britannia Hotel, 73 80 08 00, 

Price: single room NOK 1850,-. This price includes superior single room, breakfast in Palmehaven and entrance to Britannia Spa. 
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  • 08:00: Registration      
  • 09:00: Opening session/Welcome/HSE, Gunvor Øie, SINTEF Ocean
  • 09:15: Environmental risk and cumulative effects assessment to guide marine management, GerJan Piet, Wageningen Marine Research, WMR
  • 09:45: Future requirements and regulations in the Norwegian ocean space. Ann Mari Vik Gren, Miljødirektoratet
  • 10:15: Risk and impact assessment in the oil and gas industry.  Mathijs Smit, Shell/IOGP
  • 10:45: Coffee break
  • 11:15: Environmental management in mining operations.
    Kari Moen, Omya Hustadmarmor
  • 11:45: Knowledge base management of the aquaculture industry in 2030. Jon Arne Grøttum, Sjømat Norge
  • 12:20: Produced water management in the Norwegian sector, 2000 - 2020. Tone Frost, Equinor
  • 12:40: Produced water management in the UK sector Sean Hayes, More Energy, UK
  • 13:00: Lunch 
  • 14:00: Applications of Environmental Risk Assessment in Aquaculture. Salve Dahle, AkvaplanNiva
  • 14:20: Applications of Environmental Risk Assessment in the mining industry. Tor Jensen, DnVGL
  • 14:40: Towards area and discharge specific impact assessment. Raymond Nepstad, SINTEF Ocean
  • 15:00: Dynamic Risk and Impact Assessment Model - the new DREAM. Petter Rønningen, SINTEF Ocean
  • 15:20: Coffee break
  • 15:50: Panel debate: Future needs, developments and trends. Transfer of experience between industrial sectors. Cross disciplinary approaches? 

Moderator: Hans Bjelland, SINTEF Ocean

- Thorsten  Kiefer, EU JPI Oceans
- Jon Arne Grøttum, Sjømat Norge
- Kari Moen, Omya Hustadmarmor
- Ann Mari Vik Gren, Miljødirektoratet
- Mathijs Smit, Shell/IOGP
- Ute Brönner, SINTEF Ocean

  • 16:50 Summing up - closing remarks, Ståle Johnsen, SINTEF Ocean
  • 17:00: End       


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