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Tor Nordam

Senior Research Scientist

Tor Nordam is a Senior Research Scientist in the department for Climate and Environment, in SINTEF Ocean. He has been working at SINTEF since 2013. He also holds a secondary position as Adjunct Associate Professor at the Department of Physics, NTNU.


PhD in computational physics, NTNU, 2013
MSc in theoretical physics, NTNU, 2008
BSc in physics, NTNU, 2006

Competence and research areas

Numerical modelling of transport in the ocean, with a main focus on transport of pollutants. Examples include modelling of oil spills, produced water, mineral particles, and microplastics. Particularly interested in stochastic Lagrangian particle models, and development of efficient numerical methods.


Contact info

Visiting address:
Brattørkaia 17 C