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Hydrogen supply and CO2 injection and storage

Hydrogen supply and CO2 injection and storage

This 'double' webinar will present and summarize the work in ELEGANCY on H2 supply chain and H2-CO2 separation and on CO2 transport, injection and storage

22/06/2020 10:00 Add to calendar
22/06/2020 14:00
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14/06/2020 00:00

Low-carbon hydrogen supply with CCS


  • ·        Biomass to hydrogen with CCS: can we go negative? (Cristina Antonini, ETH)
  • ·        Optimization of Sorption Enhanced WGS for use with Basic Oxygen Furnace Gas from the steel plant (Jean Pierre Pieterse, TNO)
  • ·        Demonstration of VPSA for CO2-H2 co-production (Anne Streb, ETH)
  • ·        Advanced Property Models for Processing, Transport and Storage of Gas Mixtures Containing H2 (Roland Span, RUB)
  • ·        Life Cycle Analysis of low-carbon H2 supply with CCS (Karin Treyer, PSI)


ELEGANCY – CO2 transport, injection and storage


ELEGANCY - Facilitating the engineering of transport and storage systems for CO2 stemming from hydrogen production by…

  • Improved prediction of the properties of CO2 mixed with hydrogen
  • Providing a realistic description of CO2 pipeline and injection operations including startup and shutdown
  • Validated experimental and modelling approach to allow safe and effective CO2 storage in underground rocks
  • Understanding the hydrogen-stimulated microbial response to CO2 injection in underground rocks
  • Combined laboratory and field experiments with advanced modelling

The work in ELEGANCY WP2 will be summed up by speakers from SINTEF, BGS, Imperial College London, Ruhr-University Bochum and SCCER / ETHZ:

  • The influence of thermodynamic properties on CO2 storage in saline aquifers (Martin Trusler, ICL)
  • Towards an accurate and consistent description of thermodynamic properties of mixtures of CO2 with brines (Roland Span, RUB)
  • CO2 injection well dynamics (Svend T. Munkejord, SINTEF)
  • Laboratory studies to understand the controls on flow and transport for CO2 storage (Sam Krevor and Ronny Pini, ICL)
  • Mt. Terri experiment: Fault trapping (Antonio Pio Rinaldi and Alba Zappone, SCCER)
  • Microbial activity in response to H2 in a CO2-rich stream (Simon Gregory, BGS)






Fore more information about ELEGANCY, please see the project website.

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