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2024 FME Conference to Tackle Climate and Energy Challenges

The Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research (FME) Conference will be organised 13. March. The event, part of the NTNU Energy Transition Week, will take place at the Scandic Lerkendal in Trondheim and will be accessible via live stream for online viewers.


Scandic Lerkendal
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The conference promises to be a day of high-impact dialogue and interdisciplinary exchange, focusing on the critical role of FMEs in addressing climate and energy challenges.

Throughout the day, participants will delve into various topics through 90-minute sessions organised by sub-committees from relevant FMEs. Each session is dedicated to exploring a specific aspect of the central theme.

The sessions, designed to foster collaborative solutions and strategies, include:

  1. "Scaling up Renewable Electricity Production" ledet av HydroCen, SuSolTech og Northwind.
  2. "Energy Efficiency First!" vertskap av ZEN og HighEff.
  3. "The Flexible Integrated Energy System" presentert av CINELDI og NTRANS.
  4. "The Roles of Hydrogen and CCS in the Short and Long Term" en sesjon av Hyvalue, Hydrogeni og NCCS.

Open to everyone and free of charge, the conference underscores Norway's commitment to leading the way in environment-friendly energy research and solutions.

The event is a significant milestone, marking a collaborative effort among various FME centres like NorthWind, HighEFF, CINELDI, HYDROGENiZEN and NCCS.

For more details see conference programme


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