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Tiller CO2 capture pilot plant – 100 000 hours

For 12 years the pilot plant at Tiller has been carrying out essential research and development on CO2 capture, as part of achieving the green shift. These days the plant has carried out 100,000 hours of capture R&D


Tiller CO2 lab, Trondheim
Tillerbruvegen 200, 7092 Trondheim
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The CO2 pilot plant at Tiller has played a significant role in Norway's long-term efforts in the development of technology for carbon capture and storage. The highly equipped test facilities has been important for the development of several capture technologies, and the technology is also put into use on a full scale. 

During the upcoming event, we will celebrate achievements and discuss future plans for the plant, with anticipated attendance from various partners and stakeholders. 

The event takes place at Tiller CO2 lab on 22 June, at 3-5 pm.

Participants are welcome to stay at the event for socializing throughout the evening. The event will include guided tours of the Tiller pilot plant.
Food and drinks will be served.

Further details will follow.
Transport will be arranged if needed.

For more information, please contact Vanja Buvik (details below).

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Tillerbruvegen 200, 7092 Trondheim