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MaritimeNH3 - Webinar #2: Modelling a Norwegian ammonia value chain for maritime transport.

In this webinar, we present how we model the different elements of an ammonia value chain (from production to bunkering) covering relevant segments of the maritime fuel demand in Norway.


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The main focus will be on presenting models for the ammonia transport, and the set-up of a first Norwegian case.

Presenters: Miguel Muñoz Ortiz & Truls Flatberg




The Green Platform project Ammonia Fuel Bunkering Network aims at realizing an ammonia fuel value chain for the first ammonia-fuelled ships. MaritimeNH3 is the competence-building part of the project. Here, SINTEF develops new knowledge to facilitate the implementation of ammonia as a safe and cost-efficient zero-carbon maritime fuel. Our research is focused on:

  • Simulations and experimental work to advance the development of NH3 propulsion, including both piston engines and high temperature fuel cells.
  • Techno-economic analysis and green-house-gas assessment of a Norwegian NH3 value chain for maritime transport.
  • Models and simulations of NH3 spills to improve risk mitigation for NH3 bunkering installations in a Nordic climate.

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