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Autonomous robot and drone teams: Automated task planning

A webinar on how surveillance and first responders may be enabled to carry out operations together with robots and drones.


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This webinar is organized by the project Automated Task planning for Autonomous multi-robot Teams (ATAM), financed by the Research Council of Norway. The project is led by SINTEF, having Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI), and Equinor as project partners. It is is only open to personnel from the partner companies and the branches and joint departments of the Norwegian Armed Forces. Have you not yet received an invitation? Please contact Martine Mahlum


With robots, including drones, being introduced in more and more operations, how can we enable field and back-office personnel to carry out on the operations at hand with high quality and efficiency without being an expert on robotics and continuously having to monitor and control the robots? This webinar is about how automated task planning can address this challenge.

Purpose of the webinar

  • Why can automated planning for multi-robot/drone teams be important? We will highlight the possibilities and potential challenges of using automated planning for robots and drones.
  • Have your say in prioritizing the next steps. We will present use cases for automated planning of robots and drones and collect feedback on which areas should be prioritized further.


  • A very short introduction to the ATAM project and the project partners (Aksel A. Transeth, SINTEF).
  • Overview of robot/drone-relevant use cases currently targeted by the project. What is the value proposition of combing robotics and automated planning in these use cases?
  • Introduction to automated planning for robots and drones. What is automated planning and how is it used for robots and drones today? What are the opportunities and challenges with automated planning in the targeted use cases?
  • Q&A and brainstorming. Feedback from participants regarding use cases.

In the ATAM project, we focus on use cases for search and rescue, first responder and surveillance, but the tasks which can be supported by robots and drones within these use cases are also highly relevant for, e.g., inspection and maintenance.


Photo: FFI

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