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Open seminar: AI in public services – social, ethical and legal implications

Welcome to the ETAPAS hybrid seminar on AI in public administrations and services, and how to address ethical, social and legal implications. The seminar is the sixth dissemination event of the ETAPAS project and targets public administrations, public services providers, IT providers and Govtech companies to share with them benefits and opportunities of the Ethical Technology Adoption in Public Administrations Services (ETAPAS).


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At the seminar, we will take a deep dive into the opportunities and challenges AI represents, and how these can be addressed.

In the first seminar session, invited speakers from three Norwegian organizations will share on the use of AI in the health sector and the use of a regulatory sandbox for AI projects.

In the second session, speakers from the ETAPAS project will detail how the ETAPAS approach to responsible development of disruptive technology can support ethical and legal assessment and management of AI projects in public administrations.

The seminar is conducted as a hybrid event. Link for online participation will be provided to all interested participants.

There are physically limited places, so it is advisable to sign up quickly.



Event opening (0900-09:10)
Roberta Lotti (Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, MEF) opens the event and provides a brief overview of the ETAPAS project.

Session 1. AI – opportunities and challenges for public administrations (09:00-10:00)

Making good use of AI in the health sector – opportunities and challenges.
Hilde Margrethe Lovett (the Norwegian Directorate of eHealth) presents opportunities in the health sector and reflects on how to leverage the benefits from these and the challenges on the way.

A regulatory sandbox for AI projects.
Arild Opheim (the Norwegian Data Protection Authority) explains how the Norwegian regulatory sandbox for responsible AI development helps public administrations and industry in their AI projects.

Simplifai Archiving Solution – Opportunities and challenges for public administrations
Henrik Thomas Klemetsen (Simplifai) gives insights into their AI-powered solution designed to streamline archiving and document processing and lessons learnt from the sandbox approach to responsible AI.


Session 2: Ethical and legal aspects of AI in public services – the ETAPAS approach (10:00-11:00)

Ethically aware uptake of AI in public services – benefits of the ETAPAS framework.
Sara Mancini (Intellera) details how the ETAPAS framework helps public administrations consider relevant ethical aspects of AI development projects

Legal aspects of AI projects in public administrations.
Albert Steiner (University of Graz) and Sophia Witz (University of Vienna) present the legal assessment in ETAPAS with particular consideration of aspects concerning the EU AI Act.

Municipality chatbot and large language models.
Anders Mærøe (Prokom) presents how the ETAPAS framework has been applied to the case of Kommune-Kari, and reflects on how the framework can inform the discussion of how to benefit from large language models in municipality chatbots.

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