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ERF2022 workshop: From one-off deployments to I&M robotics in continuous operation

In this workshop at the European Robotics Forum 2022, suppliers, end-users, and R&D personnel will present and discuss key factors to enable transitioning from "one-off" test deployments to inspection and maintenance (I&M) robotics in continuous operations.


ERF2022, Rotterdam, The Nederlands
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In order to participate on the workshop you need to be registered for the European Robotics Forum (ERF). You can register here:  

To push further development and achieve increased use of inspection and maintenance (I&M) robotics in the private and public sector, we need to show that robotics creates real value for end users. Such value is only created when robots are being deployed at scale and taken into continuous use as the new standard for I&M operations. One-off deployments and demonstrators do not alone create real business value for end-users. The outcome of this workshop is therefore to achieve a common understanding of the main success factors and challenges in getting to I&M robotics in continuous commercial use as the new standard for I&M operations. To this end, end users, suppliers and Research and Technology Organizations (RTOs) will share insight into and discuss robotics during this workshop – including key topics such as AI, autonomy and control technology – deployed at scale within aviation, oil and gas, building inspections, transport and other sectors. 

Workshop organizers: Ekkehard Zwicker, Waygate Technologies, Maarit Sandelin, SPRINT Robotics, and Aksel A. Transeth, SINTEF.

The workshop organizers are thankful to Kris Kydd, Robotics Lead at TotalEnergies, for inspiring to defining the topic of the workshop. 


  • 14:20 Introduction by the moderators and workshop organizers: Maarit Sandelin, SPRINT Robotics, and Aksel A. Transeth, SINTEF. 
  • 14:23 A series of short presentations given by end users (asset owners and operators), industrial service providers, robotic system suppliers, and research organizations. The presentations will share key aspects on I&M robotics including business-to-business (B2B) end-user needs, best practices, lessons learned, success stories, challenges, new business models, technology gaps and need for research within key topics such as AI, autonomy, standardization and control technology in connection with I&M robotics – with a focus on enablers and challenges in getting robots deployed at scale and into continuous use in the industry and public sector.  
  • 15:15-15:25 Open brainstorming session moderated by A. Transeth. The goal of the brainstorming session is to identify the main success factors and challenges to overcome in order to transition from one-off deployments, proof of concepts and demonstrations to value-creating I&M robotics solutions being taking into continuous operations by end users in the public and private sector. To this end, we will investigate key topics such as AI, autonomy, control technology, standardization and ethical implications.  
  • 15:35 Summary and outlook  (Aksel A. Transeth, Maarit Sandelin) 
  • 15:40 The workshop is finished.  

Speakers for the short presentations

  • Robert Dreier Holand, Chief Operating Officer, Tiepoint AS, Building inspections, Machine learning and drone-based data-capture in commercial building inspections. 
  • Karsten Sausen, Business development director, ANYbotics, ANYmal X - The story behind the world's first Ex-proof legged robot.
  • Bob Raida, Chief Operating Officer, HEBI Robotics, Achieving  Approaching Scale by Quickly Responding to Highly Variable Workspaces, Assets, and Customer Needs.
  • Anette Uttisrud, Robotics Engineer / Analyst IT System Development, Equinor, O&G, Drones and robots as standard inspection and maintenance tools in the oil and gas sector. 
  • Peter von Amsterdam, Waygate Technologies, Chemicals, Increase safety by avoiding human entry in industrial boilers.  
  • Antidio Viguria Jiménez , CTO Avionics & Systems, CATEC, O&G/Transport, PILOTING I&M platform - a robot-agnostic software-based eco-system for I&M. 

This workshop is being organized by the euRobotics topic group on inspection and maintenance robotics. If you wish to join the topic group, then please contact  

The preparations for this workshop have been supported by the RIMA network, SPRINT Robotics, the RINVE network and the NAINE network. RIMA, SPRINT and RINVE promote robotics in inspection and maintenance, while RINVE and NAINE mobilize Norwegian companies to participate in EU calls. RIMA has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824990. RINVE and NAINE have received funding from the Research Council of Norway (project numbers 328799 and 328788, respectively).  

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