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Digital Workshop on Analysis and operation of future hybrid ac/dc transmission systems

The workshop is organized by the EIG-Concert Japan project MODULATOR.


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To our participants: Thank you for attending!

Copies of those presentations given that have been made available to use can be provided to you by contacting one of the following;  

  • Ass Prof Yoshihiko Susuki;
  • Yannic Harms; IEE Fraunhofer
  • Salvatore D'Arco;

Hans Christian Bolstad;

Workshop Program 

  • 09:00 Welcome and introduction to program and speakers by host / practical aspects - Dr. Hans Chr Bolstad, SINTEF
  • 09:15 Introduction to the topic HVDC - Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lutz Hofmann, Leibniz University Hannover
  • 09:30 The Modulator Project - Dr. Salvatore D’Arco, SINTEF
  • 09:40 A modular framework for state-space modelling of hybrid DC grids - Dr. Jon Are Suul, SINTEF
  • 09:55 Questions and Discussion
  • 10:10 Coffee break
  • 10:20 Large-signal analysis of interconnected AC/DC systems: Theory and demonstration - Prof. Yoshihiko Susuki, Osaka Prefecture University
  • 10:35 Optimization considering small signal aspects - Dr.-Ing. Denis Mende, Fraunhofer IEE
  • 10:50 Emerging power electronics technology in HVDC systems for renewable energy - Prof. Tsuyoshi Funaki, Osaka University
  • 11:05 Questions and Discussion
  • 11.20 Coffee break
  • 11:30 Small-signal modelling for studying converter interactions in HVDC systems - Prof. Jef Beerten, KU Leuven
  • 11:45 HVDC System Studies - Dr.-Ing. Tobias Hennig, Amprion GmbH
  • 12:00 Discussion & conclusions - Dr. Salvatore D’Arco, SINTEF

Contributors: Module-Aware Modelling and Assessment of Performance of Interconnected AC/MTDC Power Grids (MODULATOR), SINTEF Energy Research, Osaka Prefecture University, Fraunhofer IEE, with guest speakers from Osaka University, Amprion GmbH, Leibniz University and KU Leuven.

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