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Module-Aware Modelling and Assessment of Performance of Interconnected AC, MTDC Power Grids (MODULATOR)

Multi-Terminal Direct Current (MTDC) transmission matured into the most feasible technology for transmission of bulk power over long distances with cables.

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Thus, MTDC grids are expected to emerge in the future power grids in Europe and Japan to support energy policy objectives for integration of renewables like offshore wind energy; for strengthening the power exchanges between neighbouring countries and to create a more efficient transnational power market.

However, the operational experience on interconnected Alternate Current (AC) and MTDC power grids and the availability of commercial software tools for their analysis are still limited.Methods for assessing impact on grid stability and for optimizing performance of an MTDC grid in connection to an existing AC power grid are therefore a present object of research.

This limitation in the present scenario can cause increased planning costs and higher risk of interoperability issues or instabilities during the operational phase.

The Modulator project aims to provide the industry and the research community with state-of-the-art and highly scalable software tools for load flow analysis, small and large signal stability and optimization of interconnected AC/MTDC grids that will reduce risk and costs for the operators.

The project targets innovation in the field of AC- and MTDC-power grids, efficient energy transmission and integration of offshore wind energy resources by combining experiences and scientific know-how from three countries with power systems of varying structures, topologies and structural properties.



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2018 - 2022

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