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CoolFish workshop October 2020

An online workshop was held in mid-october, open for participants both within the project and others. Presentations covered work done so far in the project, but also previous work with themes similar/relevant to the CoolFish project. The agenda is listed below, and some of the presentations are available by clicking the headers.



Welcome and introduction
Kristina N. Widell (SINTEF Ocean)

Experiences and some results from measurements onboard
Eirik Starheim Svendsen (SINTEF Ocean)

Possibilities of utilizing cold from LNG onboard
Muhammad Zahid Saeed (NTNU)

Design and status of CO2-system for MMC
Ignat Tolstorebrov (NTNU)

CO2 Compressors
Engin Söylemez (NTNU)

Onboard CO2 plate freezing with cold thermal energy storage
Espen Verpe (SINTEF Energy Research)

Alternative fuels and propulsion systems for fishing vessels
Cecilia Gabrielii (SINTEF Energy Research)

Carbon footprints of fisheries
Sepideh Jafarzadeh (SINTEF Ocean)

Existing projects and new applications/collaborations
Guro Møen Tveit (SINTEF Ocean)
Tom Ståle Nordtvedt (SINTEF Ocean)


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