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Webinar - Strengthening Industrial Heat Pump Innovation in Europe

In this webinar we will discuss in more detail the outcome of the whitepaper that was published this summer to highlight the importance of Industrial Heat Pump technologies in reaching the goals of the Climate Agreement.


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Whitepaper on Industrial Heat Pumps

We will show the importance of creating a level playing field in Europe for the different green technologies that can be used in the industry. We will also reflect on the importance of European R&D programs on Industrial Heat and together with the audience, consider the best way to realize this. 

Among the speakers there will be the experts that contributed to the white paper, including Robert de Boer (TNO), Veronika Wilk (AIT) and Benjamin Zühlsdorf (DTI); Nils Røkke from EERA; and representatives from industry.

The webinar will include presentations, interviews, polls and questions from the audience. We would like to interact with policy makers and industry stakeholders on the importance and the impact that Heat Pumps can have in industrial processes and why awareness is so important on this topic to meet the climate goals.

If you want to join please use the following link: SIGN UP

Our work on Industrial Heat Pumps are financed by FME HighEFF


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