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2nd Conference on High Temperature Heat Pumps - HTHP


The reduction of climate gas emissions is a global challenge for todays and future generations in order to minimize the impact of global warming. In fact, the discussion is no longer IF there is a global warming effect rather than HOW MUCH global warming will occur.

The energy demand of the industry stands for around 1/3 of the world's climate gas emissions and for a successful decarbonization of this sector new technologies need to be phased in. Today's industry moves towards an electrified energy system based on wind, solar and other renewable sources, and more frequent recovery of industrial waste heat. This enables the integration of high temperature heat pumps for process heat supply hereby reducing the demand for fossil fuels significantly.

Utilizing the potential of industrial heat pumps (HTHP) is highly attractive since it allows the industry to operate with significantly reduced emission of climate gases. However, there are challenges connected with implementing heat pump technology, especially in high temperature applications like industrial processes and district heating. There is a need for technical innovations to achieve lower specific investment costs and increased energy efficiency while maintaining technical feasibility and stable operation.

This conference on High Temperature Heat Pumps will address these challenges and show successful concepts and cases where heat pump technology was implemented.