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Technoport 2017

This year's theme on Technoport is The Human Factor. Join us, spending two days exploring the complex relationship between humans and technology, from how to best make and use tech, to how it can or should shape our societies.


Trondheim, Norway
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SINTEF and partners will be present at Technoport 2017 with five state of the art technologies. We will show:

  • a game that is used to train operators,
  • how we will develop a 3D printer to print concrete,
  • how sensors and 3d printing can help disabled children in their development,
  • show a wearable robot that can be used in industry,
  • a sensor-based decision-support tool for work in cold environments.

Games and simulations in industrial operations
Project ALTT focuses on Acceleration of Learning at the workplace. The main goal is to accelerate learning and enable operators to make better and more efficient decisions at the work floor. Within the project, new tools for integrated learning and decision support are being developed. These tools will combine the knowledge of dynamic models with simulation, gaming and gamification. We will show the game that gives insight into the electrolysis process made for operators. Read more.
Contact person SINTEF: Sobah Abbas Petersen
Project website: ALTT Project

3D printing of concrete
HINDCON is an EU-funded project, studying 3D-printing of concrete in the construction sector. SINTEF's role in the project is to research how the new 3D-printing construction will affect the construction process, in terms of lean manufacturing but also how the new processes affect the construction workers. Read more.
Contact person SINTEF: Nils Olsson
Project website:

Wearable robots
IUVO and SSSA together with SINTEF and nine other partners, are involved in the H2020 HUMAN project with the specific goals of developing an exoskeleton for workers' movement assistance (IUVO) and a wearable sensory apparatus for workers' stress assessment and management (SSSA).
Together with IUVO we will show a wearable exoskeleton during Technoport, and do hands on. In the HUMAN project, we will develop an exoskeleton for industry use.
IUVO S.r.l. is a spin-off company of The BioRobotics Institute, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna (SSSA, Pisa, Italy) and has the ultimate goal to bring on the market wearable powered robots for movement assistance, augmentation and/or rehabilitation.
Active Pelvis Orthosis (APO) is a novel bilateral motorized pelvis orthosis capable of providing assistive torque at the level of hip flexion-extension joint. The APO is a fully-portable light-weight and autonomous wearable device able to cooperatively assist people for rehabilitation, chronic assistance and training purposes and for assisting workers in the field of manufacturing and logistics.
Contact person SINTEF: Hans Yngvar Torvatn
Project website: HUMAN project

More about the Human project
SENS – Customized and intelligent aids for children with disabilities
The project vision is to develop a solution where: "the product will grow with the user, and the user will grow with the product".
The solution will contain:

  • a sensor based ICT system with test equipment to automatically map the individual needs and ensure that the aid is continuously adapted to the user,
  • new production methods for fast and precise mass customization, based on 3D printing of individualised seats, back-rests and footrests, where selected areas will be equipped with sensors,
  • a new sensor based ICT system that encourages development in training, and
  • a wholly integrated product-service system (eco-system) for the user mapping, user customization and user monitoring.

The solution is a smart product that will use sensors for optimal customization, production, and use.
The product will use new algorithms and analytics to notify the need for change in line with the development of the child, with the idea that it should stimulate increased physical activity, ensure quality during the training, and give feedback on the effectiveness of the training. So, that the child together with its support-team can make sure the development of the child happens in the best possible way.
The project is a collaboration between Krabat (develops, manufactures and customizes solutions for disabled children), Beitostølen Health Sports Center (re-habilitation center), SINTEF Digital and SINTEF Technology & Society.
Contact person SINTEF: Lars Skjelstad

SmartPro – a sensor-based decision-support tool for work in cold environments
Working in cold climates involves various effects on work, health and performance. The degree of cold exposure is essential for the severity and risks associated with the exposure. Cold environment disturbs not only the machinery of industrial processes and vehicles, but is also very crucial factor to reduce worker's comfort, performance and safety. In the cold, work capability and productivity decrease and the risk of mistakes and errors increases.
To prevent disturbances in industrial processes caused by reduced human performance and increased number of mistakes and errors in cold, there is a need for improved cold risk monitoring systems.
SmartPro is a novel solutions for a dynamic risk monitoring system, creating early warning systems for indication of critical levels of cold using wireless sensors and wearable computing. Physiological sensors are integrated in the clothing and also worn directly on the body, which measures temperature, humidity, activity and heart rate. SmartPro forms the basis for a future commercially available sensor-based monitoring system that can provide objective decision-support to advice on safety and work capability for workers during operations in cold climate.
Made by: SINTEF Digital - Department of Smart Sensors System, SINTEF Technology and Society - Department of Health research, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.
Contact person SINTEF: Øystein Wiggen
Read more about the SmartPro project




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Trondheim, Norway