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What would you think about harmony between you and the IT systems around you? What do we need in order that we feel the systems around us support us?

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Objctive of the project:

The HUman MANufacturing workplace (HUMAN) project aims to transform workplaces where automation and human workers operate in harmony, to improve the factory productivity, quality and performance. HUMAN will develop and utilize human-centred automation approaches that enable reasoning of the appropriate level of automation, incorporating the physical and cognitive characteristics of the workers into automation, and actively monitoring and adapting the workplace to cognitive capabilities and tacit knowledge of the workers.

To create a healthy workplace and increase the competitiveness of the manufacturing firms, the creation of an optimal environment for human automation integration and cooperation that harnesses and supports the workers' capabilities is needed. However, several critical barriers need to be overcome to achieve this:

  • Adaptability and flexibility of humans to automation
  • Synchronization of tasks with individual capabilities
  • Synchronization of enterprise goals (advancements) with individual expectations

HUMAN will address the barriers above and has as ultimate goal to develop and maintain adaptive workplaces that ensure excellent human-automation cooperation keeping high levels of productivity and quality combined with product customization capability. To reach this ambitious goal, we will achieve the following objectives:

  • Objective 1 - Integrating HUMANs with workplace
  • Objective 2 - Enhancing the monitoring and wellbeing of HUMAN automation co-operation
  • Objective 3 - Stimulating HUMAN-automation interaction for optimal performance
  • Objective 4 - Advancing HUMAN-automation co-operation to achieve complex tasks
  • Objective 5 - Adapting the workplace and tasks to HUMAN skills and knowledge

The project is financed by the EU H2020 program. There are 12 partners of 6 countries represented. Sintef is project coordinator of the project.

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Project duration

2016 - 2019

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