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Smart protective solutions for industrial safety and productivity in the cold

Working in cold climates involves various effects on work, health and performance. The degree of cold exposure is essential for the severity and risks associated with the exposure. Cold environment disturbs not only the machinery of industrial processes and vehicles, but is also very crucial factor to reduce worker's comfort, performance and safety.

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Sensor prototype
Sensor prototype. Ill.: SINTEF

Indication of critical level of cold

A prototype protective jacket with the integrated wireless sensor system will be adjusted and tested in realistic harsh conditions, and algorithms will be developed to correlate the sensors in the prototype with critical limits for cold exposure.

Smart protection of hands in the cold

Peripheral body parts like hands are the first to cool when humans are exposed to cold. Cold protective handwear decrease manual performance especially in tasks where good tactile sensitivity and finger dexterity are needed. We will develop novel gloves which have new design and optimal thermal insulation supported by auxiliary smart heating system, and which could maintain maximal manual performancy although worn on.

System illustration by SINTEF

Key Factors

Project duration

15/06/2015 - 31/12/2018




Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, FIOH


SINTEF Technology and Society, Dept. of Health Research
SINTEF ICT, Dept, of Instrumentation