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Wet Room Laboratory

In the wet room laboratory, we carry out functional testing of wet room membranes following test methods described in ETAG 022.

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The tests are carried out according to three Nordtest methods (NT BUILD 058, 230, and 448). All methods simulate the stress that can occur on membranes in wet rooms. The membranes are exposed to water pressure with alternating hot and cold water and mechanical stress.

Products that can be tested

  • Coating membrane
  • Sheet
  • Drain Paint systems
  • Foil
  • Design drains
  • Prefabricated wet room modules

Properties that can be tested

  • Density
  • Thickness
  • Tensile strength
  • Water vapor resistance

See our Norwegian pages for a description of our test standards

Contact information

The laboratory is located in Børrestuveien 3 in Oslo.