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Process Metallurgical Laboratories

DisVaDri Furnace

The DisVaDri furnace is a medium to large scale thermogravimetric furnace that is routinely used to analyse the reaction rate of both ores and carbon reductants. The size of the furnace makes it unique as it can handle up sample sizes up to 300 grams and particle sizes up to 15 mm. under a variety of gas atmospheres with CO, CO2, CH4 and H2 off gas analysis available.

The Disvadri furnace is capable of measuring select off gas species.

  • Sample size up to 250 g
  • Scale resolution of 0.01 g
  • Controlled atmosphere: CO2, CO, H2, Ar, O2, N2, CH4available
  • Max temperature of 1150 °C
  • CO2, CO, H2and CH4off gas analysis