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Process Metallurgical Laboratories

Modern production of high quality metallic materials requires advanced knowledge of pyro-metallurgical processes. SINTEF optimises metallurgical processes and raw materials, using a combination of laboratory scale and pilot scale experimental techniques, combined with thermochemical modelling.

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The equipment in the SINTEF laboratories can simulate metallurgical processes from raw material to metal. We can test the performance of different raw materials (carbon materials, quartz and Mn-ores) in metallurgical processes. SINTEF has key competence in electric arc / submerged arc production of Manganese, Silicon and Ferrosilicon alloys. Plasma production of Silicon Carbide and carbon materials such Carbon Black and Carbon Nano Tubes are also fields of expertise at SINTEF.

Raw materials

  • Grinding and comminution equipment (jaw crusher and jet-, ball-, rod- and swing-mill,)
  • Air classification: fine, ultra-fine and de-dusting
  • Micronizing with jet milling
  • Briquetting press (Komarek B050)
  • (Micro) Pelletizing
  • SiO reactivity test 
  • Drying furnaces



Pyrometallurgical equipment

  • Vacuum induction furnace
  • Resistance heated furnace
  • Cold crucible furnace (volume up to 250 ml, max 2400°C)
  • Open induction furnaces
  • Tube furnaces
  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)
  • ThermoGravimetric Analysis (TGA)
  • Pilot scale submerged arc furnace: 440 kVA AC/DC
  • Sessile Drop Furnace (max 1800°C)
  • Plasma Rotary Furnace
  • Off-gas measurements of lab- and industrial-scale furnaces

Contact information

Visiting address: Alfred Getz vei 2, Trondheim