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The Stations

Our makerspace offers a range of stations to accommodate a variety of interests in the areas of sewing and fabric arts, video production, 3D printing and scanning, hardware hacking and electronics, traditional forms of making, and ideation and collaboration.

Sewing station

A space dedicated to sewing and fabric arts. This station is equipped with a sewing machine, an ironing board, and cutting mats, allowing members to create and repair clothing and other fabric-based projects. 

Video station

A space for video production and editing. This station includes cameras, lighting equipment, audio gear, and editing software, allowing members to create and edit videos for personal or professional use. 

3D Printing / Scanning

A space dedicated to 3D printing and scanning. This station includes 3D printers, scanners, and software, allowing members to design and print 3D objects, as well as scan physical objects to digitize them. This equipment is used together with the electronic lab to build prototypes from the ground up. 

Electronic/Hacking lab

A space for hardware hacking and electronics experimentation. This station is equipped with soldering irons, oscilloscopes, and other electronics tools, allowing members to build, modify, and repair electronics. Hardware security equipment is also available, making it possible to test how secure IoT devices are. 


General making tools, including saws, drills, hammers and so on. 

Brainstorming space

A space for ideation, brainstorming, and collaboration. This station includes whiteboards, easels, and other tools for visualizing and communicating ideas, allowing members to work together to generate new ideas and solve problems.

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