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Bård Torvetjønn Haugland

Research Scientist

I am a researcher in the research group Innovation and sustainability at the Department of Technology Management. I am a social scientist with a special interest in the role of science and technology in society.


I have a master's degree and a doctoral degree in Science & Technology Studies (STS) from NTNU Dept. of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture.

Competence and research areas

My research lies in the intersection between Science & Technology Studies (STS), innovation studies and sustainability transitions research.

Research topics include innovation (products, processes, policies), technology governance and regulation, and the (political and societal) consequences of emerging technologies.

Empirical foci:
Carbon capture and storage
Industrial decarbonisation
Transport (automation and digitalisation, road transport, urban transport, ports)
Water management and reuse




Contact info

Visiting address:
S P Andersens vei 3