EU FP7, Byefouling - Low-toxic cost-efficient environment-friendly antifouling materials

Ship hull with fouling and under maintenance operationsFP7 BYEFOULING: Low-toxic cost-efficient environment-friendly antifouling materials

The global focus on the negative effects of increasing emission of Green House Gases (GHG) is one of the key issues on the agenda for the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). Consequently, the whole marine value chain has started to develop solutions aiming at reducing GHG emissions. This will not only have positive impacts on the ship transport sector, but also the fishing industry in Europe, which is the fourth largest in the world and the aquaculture sector, which is an important source of quality protein in Europe.

The main vision of BYEFOULING is to provide the means for industrial, cost-effective and robust manufacturing of antifouling coatings in Europe, where SMEs are both coating components developers and production technology providers. A set of procedures, guidelines and fabrication tools will be developed, enabling short time to market for new coating concepts.

The main goal of BYEFOULING is to design, develop and upscale antifouling coatings with enhanced performance compared to current available products.The project addresses high volume production of low toxic and environmentally friendly antifouling coatings for mobile and stationary maritime applications.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, grant agreement no 612717

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