Objectives of this project

The overall objective of BioCarb+ is development of new strategies for use of low-grade biomass, pulpwood and energy wood resources for biocarbon (BC) production for raw material for industrial applications (reduction agent / metallurgical coke) and conversion for energy purposes. The sub-objectives are:

  • New or improved biomass harvesting and logistics solutions, with special attention to forest residues, but also pulpwood and energy wood (including hardwood), and their properties
  • New or improved biocarbon production solutions through development or improvement of biomass pretreatment methods, biocarbon production processes and applications and biocarbon logistics solutions
  • New or improved biocarbon conversion solutions through development or improvement of biocarbon conversion applications with focus on high energy efficiency and low emissions, and biocarbon properties for industrial applications
  • Efficient utilisation of by-products from the biocarbon production process to improve overall economy and improve sustainability (CO2-footprint) of biocarbon production and utilisation
  • Education of highly skilled candidates within this area and training of industry partners
  • Monitoring of activities and state-of-the-art within this area and dissemination of knowledge to the industry partners, and other interested parties where applicable

The anticipated results of the project are reduced harvesting and logistics costs for low-grade biomass resources, maximised BC yield and quality in the BC production process and maximised energy efficiency and minimised emissions in the BC end-use applications.