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Employees in SINTEF

Count: 2260

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Name Title Phone Email
Uddin, Md Zia Uddin, Md Zia Senior Research Scientist
Ugarelli, Rita Maria Ugarelli, Rita Maria Chief Scientist
Uggerud, Nora Uggerud, Nora PhD Fellow
Uglem, Solveig Uglem, Solveig Research Scientist
Ulfsnes, Rasmus Ulfsnes, Rasmus Research Scientist/PhD Fellow
Ulla, Stig Rune Ulla, Stig Rune Workshop Supervisor
Ulleberg, Didrik Ulleberg, Didrik Master of Science
Ullern, Eli Fyhn Ullern, Eli Fyhn Research Scientist/PhD Fellow
Ulyashin, Alexander G. Ulyashin, Alexander G. Senior Research Scientist
Unander, Tor Erling Unander, Tor Erling Laboratory Manager
Urozayev, Dias Urozayev, Dias Research Scientist
Ustad, Torgeir Ustad, Torgeir Research Scientist
Utseth, Ieva Utseth, Ieva Quality Assurance Manager