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Surplus heat utilization and conversion

Surplus heat utilization and conversion

SINTEF has extensive experimental and numerical expertise on all key aspects of technology development for exploitation and the upgrading of excess heat; Direct reuse, upgrade to higher temperature and conversion to electric power.

Our services and customers:
Industrial surplus heat is a by-product of combustion or manufacturing processes, that despite huge potential for exploitation is often released into the environment. We develop the knowledge, skills and technology for surplus heat capture, utilization, upgrade, and conversion. We work for and with Norwegian and international industry in a number of sectors, such as:

  • Material, metal and chemical industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Shipping and marine
  • Technology vendors

We work within these areas:

  • Surface heat capture from process streams and hot surfaces; Compact and efficient heat exchangers
  • Direct re-utilization and heat integration (see also process optimization)
  • Heat upgrade to the higher temperature/steam-production
  • Heat to power conversion
  • We have unique expertise within CO2 technology (transcritical processes)

We develop knowledge and new technology through a good balance of theoretical and practical understanding, numerical models and experimental research. We have developed in-house for advanced models including:

  • Non-stationary processes and dynamic system simulation
  • Optimization or analysis of operating parameters and part-loads properties
  • Optimization of complex system layouts
  • Detailed component models, with a particular focus on the heat exchangers

We maintain and develop advanced laboratories with test rigs for:

  • Heat exchangers and compressors (0.5-100 kW)
  • Recovery of the expansion work (Expander)

Typical projects for us are:

  • Develop new concepts to solve specific problems
  • Design efficient and competitive system layouts
  • Analyze, evaluate and compare alternative technology concepts
  • Optimize layout and operation of heat pumping and power cycles
  • Optimize design of heat exchangers


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