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Geometry toolkits

Over many years, SINTEF has developed many software libraries for computational geometry as part of research and industrial projects. These libraries are available under the GPL license.

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GoTools is the name of a collection of C++ libraries related to geometry. The libraries are organized as a core module with additional modules added on top. The core module contains generic tools and spline functionality. The additional modules contain functionality for intersections, approximative implicitization, parametrization, topology, and more. Download and more information...

SISL - The SINTEF Spline Library

SISL is a comprehensive NURBS library for the modeling and interrogation of curves and surfaces. It is implemented in C and has been under continuous development over two decades. Download and more information...

TTL - Triangulation Template Library

TTL is a library for operations related to triangulations. TTL is not dependent on a specific data structure, but can be adapted to any type of triangulation defined by the user. Delaunay triangulation, add/remove nodes and search/traversing are examples of tools. The code is implemented in C++. Download and more information...

MBA - Multilevel B-spline Approximation Library

MBA is rather a single algorithm than a library. It is developed for making surfaces from scattered data points. The algorithm works at different levels, and can be used both for small and large point sets. Compared to similar methods it is extremely fast. The code is implemented in C++. Download and more information...

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