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"MBA" is rather a single algorithm than a library. It is developed for making surfaces from scattered data points. The algorithm works at different levels, and can be used both for small and large point sets. Compared to similar methods is extremely fast. The code is implemented in C++.

MBA - Multilevel B-Spline Approximation Library

Multiresolution methods based on B-spline refinement for approximating scattered data. The methods are extremely fast compared to many other methods and produce fair results. Given scattered data as input, tensor product B-spline surfaces are produced. The algorithms run in a multiresolutional setting over uniform partitions such that the final surface is composed of a sequence of surfaces at dyadic scales:


f = f0 + f1 + ... + fh,


where fi is a subset of Si for i = 0, ..., h, and S0, ..., Sh is a nested sequence of subspaces of Sh.


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Published November 16, 2009