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"LSMG" is a method for making surface from scattered data points by error minimalization (least squares). It is more computational and memory demanding than the MBA-algorithm. However, in some case the result is “better”. The code is implemented in C++.

LSMG - Least Squares Approximation of Scattered Data with B-splines


The methods have been developed for making high quality smooth surface approximations to scattered data in applications such as geological modelling, GIS and CAD/CAM. Special attention has been payed to i) creating large surfaces fast and ii) "natural" extrapolation of surfaces outside the domain of the scattered data or to areas of the domain with no scattered data. These properties are important especially in geology and GIS. Although the approximation methods are global, they are fast due to the multigrid schemes that are used for solving linear equation systems.

This library uses the same data structures as the MBA library (Multilevel B-spline approximation library) which can optionally be used as a "preconditioner" when running the more CPU demanding algorithms in the LSMG library.


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Published November 16, 2009