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"LSSEG" is an experimental library for segmentation and anisotropic smoothing of images, using PDE-based methods.

The LSSEG library was written during 2005/2006 in the context of a shared internal study project on PDE-base image processing, between the two SINTEF ICT departments Applied Mathematics and Optical Measurement Systems and Data Analysis.

The main two applications considered was anisotropic image smoothing and automatic, level-set based image segmentation . The LSSEG library contains algorithms and data structures that are useful when working in these contexts, and it also contains a set of sample programs where it demonstrates what can be done using the tools it provides.

We have written an introduction on the principles of segmentation in LSSEG, explaining the main concepts and algorithms

We have also written an introduction to the algorithm used for anisotropic smoothing in LSSEG.


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Published November 16, 2009