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The focus of SlagStruc framework is to provide numerical tools to predict microstructure and properties of slags in the process industry. It enables engineer and researcher to quickly assess the effect of process and material composition changes. SlagStruc framework is under development and covers only a limited range of composition and features.

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About SlagStruc

SlagStruc framework consists of the following elements:

  • Generic entities to describe slag material and properties, with associated post-processing functions
  • A module to fetch information from thermodynamic databases
  • A microstructure model for solidification under equilibrium or Scheil's conditions
  • A module to compute and build TTT diagram (Time-Temperature-Transformation)
  • A viscosity module based on different empirical and physical models
  • A viscosity model based on neural network
  • A user interface based on Jupyter Notebook (local or online via a Jupyter Hub)