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The Delta program:  the research leaders of tomorrow

SINTEF’s most important asset to stay relevant and prepare for future demands from our clients is our people. Most of our success stories have started ground up. To attract the best talents, inspire them and help them succeed with their ambitions and dreams, we have introduced the Delta-program as an important part of our prioritized research area, Mathematics in Technology.

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The Delta program seeks to identify talented researchers with a strong will to succeed and help them fast-track their career and become leading scientists of tomorrow. So far, two classes of participants have been enrolled in the program.

The Delta program consists of three components:

  • One-to-one mentoring to introduce new perspectives and learn from the best of our peers.
  • Forming a committed network of peers and building an inclusive performance culture.
  • Targeted training in skills necessary to become a leading scientist.

Through the program, we seek to contribute to build the SINTEF of tomorrow by:

  • Inspiring and supporting our young scientists in creating new research initiatives.
  • Cultivating and championing a new generation of prominent scientific figures.
  • Eliminating interdisciplinary barriers and putting the "one-SINTEF" slogan into practice.

First class of participants (2021-2024)

Second class of participants (2023-2026)