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Building Processes

A good building process is a criterion for a successful, high-quality building and satisfied users.

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The building process encompasses the entire life cycle of a building, from requirements clarification, programming, idea and concept development, to design and construction, operation and use phase and finally disposal.

In a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive BAE industry, new knowledge about building processes is more important than ever. Both the authorities and the industry are calling for a boost in skills. Do you or your company want to shape the building processes of the future together with our experts and partners?

SINTEF has provided knowledge about building processes for over sixty years, and we contribute as both researchers and specialist advisers.

Why do we need research for better building processes?

Today, high demands are placed on competence and management, innovative thinking and the ability to change throughout the construction industry's value chain; from authorities and builders, architects and advisers, contractors, manufacturers and suppliers.

A good construction process contributes to:

  • Solutions that take into account the environment and climate, health and welfare, migration and urbanisation
  • Value creation, international competitiveness and productivity
  • The companies' profitability
  • The projects' quality, efficiency and goal attainment

We work within these areas:

  • Industrialisation
  • Standardisation
  • Project and engineering management
  • Quality in the building process
  • Digitalisation
  • Technology utilisation
  • Integrated processes and interaction
  • Management and learning in a life-course perspective
  • Streamlining
  • Architecture and building practices




PRESAV - Predictive control for active heat storage in buildings

PRESAV - Predictive control for active heat storage in buildings


PRESAV will develop various predictive control strategies for active heat storage accounting for electricity price, district heating price, weather forecast (especially solar irradiance and outdoor temperature) and local heat demand in buildings with...




The Research Centre on Zero Emission Buildings


Builders rush to learn from the ZEB lab showcase

Builders rush to learn from the ZEB lab showcase

The ZEB Laboratory has been utilised both as an office building and a sustainable construction laboratory for about two years. It was designed to be the world’s most ambitious ‘climate-adapted building’ and up to now it has been a great success.