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Research group SINTEF Tel-Tek

We are developing world class solutions for the process industry. Our location gives us the advantage of understanding core industrial demands. Using our know-how, we develop solutions that are sustainable, energy efficient and cost efficient.

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Research areas

  • Circular economy: Powder and particulates technology 
    • Handling and processing of traditional materials (alumina, silicon, ferrous, cement etc.) 
    • Feed handling and optimisation in aquaculture and agriculture
    • Powders for CCU and additive manufacturing (AM)
    • Non-discrete manufacturing (Fablabs)
  • Industrial digitalisation
    • Data science (AI/ML, big data, multivariate data analysis
      and calibration)
    • Process Analytical Technology (PAT)
    • Process optimisation
    • Sensor technology for industrial applications
  • Process design and techno-economic analysis
    • Process simulation, optimisation, intensification
    • Early-phase cost estimation 
    • Technology screening, benchmarking, and assessment of emerging technologies
    • CCUS,  gas separation and transport
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Our approach

Our approach is based on local expertise and use of the greater SINTEF scientist environment, lab and pilot resources.

  • Understanding the society and industrial demands.
  • Use of process and powder expertise to assess possible solutions and expand on emerging technology.
  • Utilize techno-economic and life cycle assessments for optimal research approach and for achieving final sustainable production/products.
  • Through all processes above, utilize the power of industrial digitalization.

Employees in the research group SINTEF Tel-Tek

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