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Research group of Operations Research and Economics

We are an international and multidisciplinary team with backgrounds in operations research, mathematics, computer science, engineering, economics, and environmental sciences.

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Research Areas

The group’s mission is to conduct advanced research that supports and enhances decision-making in complex systems that combine technology, economics and sustainability for industrial actors and society at large in a wide range of sectors. Approach and method are therefore based on interdisciplinary in most projects.


  • Energy and energy systems
  • Production planning
  • Sustainability and societal development
  • Transport and logistics
  • Efficient resource use and industry symbioses
  • Health and healthcare
  • Circular economy in various industry segments

Strategic research centres




HYDROGENi is a centre for environment-friendly energy research (FME) dedicated to the research and innovations within hydrogen and ammonia needed to meet the 2030 and 2050 goals of the Norwegian hydrogen road map.




By increasing energy efficiency, HighEFF will help ensure that Norway has the world’s greenest industries.

LowEmission Research Centre

LowEmission Research Centre


The LowEmission Research Centre will develop new technologies and concepts for offshore energy systems, energy efficiency and integration with renewable power production technologies for application on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS).




The Supply-and-Use Table model software provides functions to develop national macro-econometric input-output models.

HyOpt model

HyOpt is an optimization model for the design and evaluation of energy systems with a focus on Zero emission technologies.

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Our expertise

We help to solve challenges related to:

Our team

We are an international and interdisciplinary team with backgrounds in operations research, mathemathics, data science, engineering sciences, social and industrial economics and ecology.

Our methods

We use analyses and assessments – to investigate the current and future status, finding development paths and narratives.

We develop advanced optimization and simulation models – to identify a system's potential and ways to achieve it.

Our work

  • Supports and improves decision making in complex systems combining technology, economics and markets.
  • Delivers insights to develop policies and strategies for enterprises and public authorities.
  • Creates a link between the technology frontier, value creation and how actions affect the UN Sustainability Development Goals.
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Our collaborations

We work in close colloboration with technical, economic, environmental and societal expertise – across all SINTEF and with industry, NGOs and
public authorities.

Employees in the research group for Operations Research and Economics

We have a strategic partnership in a Gemini center with our main academic partners at NTNU – Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management.