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Digitalisation is a strategic and prioritised research area for all of SINTEF. Our contribution to this important field through an interdisciplinary team at SINTEF is in the field of interoperability.

Illustration: Akarat Phasura/Shutterstock

Interoperability involves developing computer languages that cause two or more systems to exchange information through a common representation system to perform complex tasks that cannot be performed by each system alone. In a series of projects covering several disciplines, SINTEF contributes to the development and utilization of a common framework of components for interoperability. This includes a technology stack that covers:

  • creation of domain ontologies to ensure a common language
  • a framework for semantic interoperability and
  • a framework for documenting and accessing data resources, including translations between data models and ontological concepts, performing data transformations, and filtering the data.

In total, this provides a complete toolkit for proper documentation of data.

A selection of tools for semantic interoperability can be found below: