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Research group of Kinetics and Catalysis​

The Kinetics and catalysis group provide solutions for more energy efficient, environmental friendly, and sustainable process technology.

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We apply our knowledge in catalysis, reaction kinetics, reactor- and process technology to address the societal needs for sustainable energy, renewable chemicals and reduced emissions. 

Research areas

  • Heterogeneous catalysis
  • Reaction kinetics
  • Process chemistry and technology
  • Bio-based processes and products
  • Oil and gas conversion
  • Hydrogen production and use
  • CCU
  • Emission abatement
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Our approach

Hands with gloves pouring materials from glass
  • Several customizable units from lab to pilot scale for investigating catalytic reactions at industrially relevant conditions
  • Modelling and theoretical studies
  • Close collaboration with NTNU (Gemini center KinCat) and the industry
  • Identification of the best state-of-the art solutions for the customer
  • Development of new catalyst technology for future needs: from proof-of-concept to piloting

Employees in the research group for Kinetics and Catalysis

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