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Research group of Process Metallurgy and Raw Materials

Our ambition is to develop innovative and novel solutions for producing metals. Through fundamental research and process improvement and development, we aid the metallurgical industries in achieving ambitious goals such as CO2-free processes, improved energy efficiency and process circularity.

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Research areas and infrastructure

Our main research areas

  • Silicon and ferroalloy production processes
  • CO2-free metal production, e.g. by the use of alternative reductants such as biocarbon and H2
  • Plasma technology
  • Gas emissions and diffuse emissions
  • Raw material characterization and process impact
  • Material valorisation and reuse
  • Reactive multiphase flow


  • 180 kW submerged arc furnace
  • Plasma furnaces, lab scale and pilot scale
  • Variety of heating furnaces, operating under different gas atmospheres
  • Agglomeration equipment
  • Modelling software
  • Gas analysis methods (FT-IR, MS, Micro GC)
  • SiO reactivity test 

Employees in the research group for Process Metallurgy and Raw Materials

Person holding a SiO test
The SiO test is used by customers worldwide to determine SiO-reactivity of carbon materials for Si-production

Four persons with helmets working on a machine
Industri representatives participate in pilot scale experiments, contributing to valuable discussions and competence building
Plasma burner
Designing and constructing own equipment is often required due to high complexity and off-the-shelf needs. Picture shows plasma burner designed to work in oxidizing atmosphere