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Research group of Electrolysis and High Temperature Materials

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  • Sustainable electrochemical production of metals and alloys from both primary and secondary sources.
  • New electrochemical processes with elimination of CO2 emissions and new CCS ready process solutions.
  • Recycling concepts for critical raw materials and metals.
  • Large scale electricity storage in new battery technologies based on metals and molten salts.
  • Carbon, bio-carbon and refractories development with quality control test methods and advanced analysis. 

Research areas

  • Fluoride and chloride chemistry
  • Molten salt electrolysis
  • Aqueous solutions electrolysis
  • Molten salt/metal batteries
  • Carbon electrode technology
  • Bio-carbon and bio-binders
  • Refractories
  • Gas analysis of process gas/emissions


  • Molten salt laboratories
  • Aqueous solutions laboratories
  • High temperature furnaces (to 1700 °C)
  • Electrochemical methods and instrumentations
  • Refractories and Carbon test methods and analysis methods
  • Advanced material characterisation (XRD, SEM/OM, CT, LECO, Laser Flash)
  • Software modelling

Employees in the research group for Electrolysis and High Temperature Materials