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Research group Formation Physics

We help our customers predict the properties and behaviour of the subsurface for oil and gas, CCS, and similar operations. Our competence is essential in providing reliable seismic interpretation, safe and efficient drilling, production, and injection, secure CO2 and H2 containment, and long-term sealing after well abandonment.

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Research areas

  • Geomechanics – the mechanical behaviour of porous rock
  • Rock physics – relating rock properties and fluid saturation to acoustic waves
  • Seismic interpretation
  • Stress and rock failure prediction
  • Well stability during drilling
  • Reservoir erosion and compaction
  • Sealing of CO2 storage sites
  • Hydraulic fracturing
  • Shale as a natural well barrier
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Photo: Thor Nilsen/SINTEF

Our approach and infrastructure

  • Close industry cooperation
  • Strong scientific basis
  • Combining theory-experiment-modelling-field
  • Triaxial load frames with fluid pressure, temperature control, acoustic sensors
  • Specialized cells for simulated operations
  • Small sample testing
  • In-house and commercial analytical and numerical modelling software

Employees in the research group for Formation Physics