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Employees in Kinetics and Catalysis

Count: 12

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Name Title Phone Email
Bergem, Håkon Bergem, Håkon Research Scientist
Bjørkan, Hilde Bjørkan, Hilde Research Scientist
Blomsøy, Kirsti Blomsøy, Kirsti Department Coordinator
Enger, Bjørn Christian Enger, Bjørn Christian Senior Research Scientist
Gjervan, Torbjørn Gjervan, Torbjørn Research Manager
Liland, Shirley Elisabeth Liland, Shirley Elisabeth Master of Science
Lødeng, Rune Lødeng, Rune Senior Research Scientist
Myrstad, Rune Myrstad, Rune Research Scientist
Neu, Dennis Neu, Dennis Master of Science
Otterlei, Camilla Otterlei, Camilla Senior Engineer
Trinh, Trung Trinh, Trung Research Scientist
Tsakoumis, Nikolaos Tsakoumis, Nikolaos Research Scientist